Message from the Dean

Maintenance and Improvement of Health with Passion and Science

Medical treatment is necessary for us to live in health and happiness. Of course, it would be the happiest that we can live without any disease or serious injury. However, we usually need to overcome some disease and/or injury some time in our long life. To do that, medical treatment is indispensable and “medicine” is a core of the medical treatment.

In order to develop “medicine”, we have to do many things as follows:

1. To clarify mechanisms for diseases (It is necessary to figure out the causes and details of diseases).
2. To search, purify and/or synthesize “chemical substances” that can suppress the causes and symptoms of diseases.
3. To investigate the pharmacological effect and safety of “chemical substances”.
4. To clarify the destiny (or pharmacokinetics) of “chemical substances” in the body (Which organ? How much?).
5. To make “chemical substances” “medicines” (It is essential to change them from “crystals” to “tablets”, “granules” and “injections” as they can be taken as “medicines”).

And in order to contribute the medical treatment and maintain the environmental hygiene with “medicines”, pharmacists do many things as follows:

6. To determine adequate dosing methods, develop dosing plans and drug administration guidance to patients.
7. To regulate and supply medicines adequately.
8. To participate in medical treatment as one of the medical staff.
9. To maintain and regulate the environmental hygiene.

In Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, we teach and research many things that will be needed to develop “medicines” as described above. Many graduates are working in Pharmaceutical companies and so on to develop new medicines after graduated from our graduate school.

Furthermore, we have solid and good classes and practices to bring up our students to be clinical pharmacists leading an advanced medical treatment, and have turned out many efficient pharmacists.

It is very difficult to clarify the cause of diseases and/or develop a single “medicine”.
It is very difficult to cure diseases people are suffering from and help patients to be healthy again.

Why don’t you try to enter “Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University” in order to develop new medicines and/or become clinical pharmacists with your passion?


Kazutaka Higaki
Dean, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences Okayama University