Towards drug development using physical stimuli such as

"Light" and "Electricity"


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【Lab Trip on Spet 4, 2015, @Hiroshima】


 Rules in the laboratory



  • 【Original Paper】

  • ~2016~

  • Tsukamoto, T.,† Mizutani, K.,† Hasegawa, T., Takahashi, M., Honda, N., Hashimoto,N., Shimono, K., Yamashita, Y., Yamamoto, M., Miyauchi, S., Takagi, S., Hayashi, S., *Murata, T., & *Sudo, Y. (†equal contribution)

    "X-ray crystallographic structure of thermophilic rhodopsin: implications for high thermal stability and optogenetic function" <2016/04/18>

    (2016) J. Biol. Chem.. 291, 12223-12232.【link

  • *Sudo, Y., & *Yoshizawa, S.

    "Functional and photochemical characterization of a light-driven proton pump from the gammaproteobacterium Pantoea vagans" <2016/02/15>

    (2016) Photochem.Photobiol. 92, 420-427.【link

  • *Sakamoto, A., Tsukamoto, T., Furutani, Y., Sudo, Y., Shimada, K., Tomita, A.,Kiyoi,H., Kato, T., & Funatsu, T.

    "Live-cell single-molecule imaging of the cytokine receptor MPL for analysis of dynamic dimerization" <2016/03/24>

    (2016) J. Mol. Cell Biol. in press 【link

    • ~2015~

  • *Dalgleish, S., *Reissig, L., Sudo, Y., *Awaga, K.

    "On-Tip photodetection: A simple and universal platform for optoelectronic screening" <2015/09/16>

    (2015) Chem. Commun. 51, 16401-16404.【link

    (Collaboration with Prof. Kunio Awaga, Nagoya University)

  • Doi, S., Mori, A., Tsukamoto, T., Reissig, L., Ihara, K., *Sudo, Y.

    "Structural and functional roles of the N- and C-terminal extended modules in Channelrhodopsin-1" <2015/06/04>

    (2015) Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 14, 1628-1636.【link

    (By an undergraduate studen, Satoko Doi)


  • *Dalgleish, S., Reissig, L., Hu, L., Matsushita, M.M., Sudo, Y., *Awaga, K.

    "Factors affecting the stability and performance of ionic liquid-based planar transient photodetectors" <2015/04/20>

    (2015) Langmuir 31, 5235-5243.【link

    (Collaboration with Prof. Kunio Awaga, Nagoya University)


  • Kato, H.E., Kamiya, M., Sugo, S., Ito, J., Taniguchi, R., Orito, A., Hirata, K., Inutsuka, A., Yamanaka, A., Maturana, A.D., Ishitani, R., Sudo, Y., *Hayashi, S., *Nureki, O.

    "Atomistic design of microbial opsin-based blue-shifted optogenetics tools" <2015/04/14>

    (2015) Nat. Commun.6, no. 7177:doi:10.1038/ncomms8177.【link

    (Collaboration with Prof. Osamu Nureki, the University of Tokyo and with Prof. Shigehiko Hayashi, Kyoto university)

  • Nature Japan

  • Sada, N., Lee, S., Katsu, T., Otsuki, T., *Inoue, T.

    "Targeting LDH enzymes with a stiripentol analog to treat epilepsy" <2015/03/20>

    (2015) Science 347, 1362-1367.

  • Inoue, K., Tsukamoto, T., Shimono, K., Suzuki, Y., Miyauchi, S., Hayashi, S., Kandori, H., *Sudo, Y.

    "Converting a light-driven proton pump into a light-gated proton channel" <2015/02/11>

    (2015) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 3291-3299. 【link

    (Collaboration with Prof. Hideki Kandori, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

    • TOPICS

      • 【Review articles】

        • ~2016~

    • *Sudo, Y.


      (2016)Hikarito Seimeino Jiten [in Japanese] 372-373. 【link

    • *Sudo, Y.

      "Structural and Functional Studies on Photoactive Retinal Proteins : Light Becomes Drugs with Proteins !? "

      (2016)YAKUGAKUZASSI [in Japanese], 136, 185-189. 【link


  • Kurihara, M., *Sudo, Y.

    "Microbial rhodopsins: Wide distribution, rich diversity and great potential"<2015/11/13>

    (2015)Biophys. Physicobiol. 12, 121-129. 【link

  • Katayama, K., Sekharan, S., *Sudo, Y.

    "Color tuning in retinylidene proteins" <2015/01/21>

    (2015)Optogenetics: Light-Sensing Proteins and Their Applications, Chapter 7, pp. 89-107.【link

  • Tsukamoto, T., Sudo, Y.

    "Retinal proteins from thermophilic organisms" <2015/01/15>

    (2015)SEIBUTSUBUTSURI [in Japanese], 92-94.【link

  • Doi, S., Sudo, Y.

    "Diversity and distribution of retinal proteins which have vitamine-A aldehyde retinal as a chromophore" <2015/02/01>

    (2015)VITAMINE [in Japanese], 83-86. 【link

    (By an undergraduate studen, Satoko Doi)


    • Invited talks

  • The 7th Asia and Oceania Conference for Photobiology(AOCP at Taipei)link】<2015/11/18>

  • 1

  • Japanese society of photochemistry @Osaka【link】<2015/09/09>


  • The 55th summer school of biophysical society of Japan @Biwako 【link】 <2015/08/23-24>

  • Advanced photo science meeting @Tokyo <2015/06/14>

  • The 134th annual meeting of pharmaceutical society of Japan @Kobe <2015/03/27>  

  • Seminar at the Kobe pharmaceutical university <2015/02/20>

  • The 3rd conference on Biomaterials in Chyu-shikoku @Okayama <2015/01/28>  


    • Seminar link

  • Given by Prof. Shigehiko Hayashi <2015/06/19>


  • Given by Prof. Takeshi Murata <2015/04/30>



    • Others

  • Labo trip <2015/09/04>

  • Workshop by "Studying the Function of Soft Molecular Systems by the Concerted Use of Theory and Experiment" @Setouchi <2015/01/24-25>【link



    Yuki Sudo [E-mail]